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Best Insults Gets 50k – Cubana Chief Priest Tells Fans To insult Linda Ikeji’s sister


Ten Best Insults Gets 50K each – Cubana Chief Priest To Fans To Insult Linda Ikeji’s Sister

Cubana Chiefpriest and Linda Ikeji’s sister, Sandra has engaged in a dirty fight on Instagram. Sandra dropped a comment on her sister’s blog about the celebrity bar man; this led to online spat between the two.

This greatly angered the socialite and he resorted to cursing out Sandra’s parents. The young lady retorted by cursing his children and their generation then it degenerated to a full blown back and forth.

In another post, Cubana claimed that Sandra is pained because he did not attend her wedding. He said he decided not to because her husband visited his bar and had free drinks before inviting him for their wedding.

Sandra responded by saying Cubana should post the video of her husband ever doing such a thing. She also said that the barman is a nobody to her that she has to beg to attend her wedding.

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