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Kanye West allegedly wants to divorce Kim after rumours of her cheating with Meek Mill surfaces



Kenye West who has been labeled controversial after his tweets as of two days ago and today labels his relationship with his wife as very unstable.

In his tweets, he talked about wanting to divorce his wife, Kim Kardashian for almost a year now. This was as a result of rumours which is making rounds on Twitter about her cheating on him with Meek Mill and other of her side boyfriends.

Following his tweets, he has been labeled mentally ill by the media and also by his wife who claims she fears for him and her family. He is also rumoured to be bipolar and has refused to accept Medical intervention. Kim have remained quiet as things begins to unfold.

Reacting to the post, this lady had this to say, “I’m not surprised that Kanye West speculates that Kim Kardashian cheated on him with Meek Mill. I’m not surprised that he has been wanting a divorce. I am surprised that Lil Baby is Kanye’s favorite rapper.”

See other reactions of people to this in the screenshots below. Kindly follow this page for more news update.

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