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US Reverses Order Denying Visas For Foreign Students


The United States government has annulled its controversial decision to revoke foreign student visas whose courses move online due to coronavirus.

The universities of Harvard and MIT, with the support of a number of other institutions, had taken legal action against the move that US Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced on 6th July.

“The government has agreed to rescind” the decision as well as any implementation of the directive, Judge Allison Burroughs said in a brief hearing.

Harvard and MIT earlier this month had asked the court to block the order announced by ICE that students must leave the country if their classes are only online, or transfer to a school offering in-person tuition.

The measure was seen as a move by President Donald Trump administration to put pressure on educational institutions that are adopting a cautious approach to reopening amid the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The universities say in their lawsuit that the order would harm students “immensely,” both personally and financially.

Regarding to this development, the Institute of International Education emphasized on the fact that there are more than one million international students in the US for the 2018-19 academic year.

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